Why we do what we do

My wife and I moved to Japan in 2019 to further my rugby career. While we enjoyed our time there, we missed our country, our weather, our nature, and our families. We reminisced over our childhoods, times when we would sit around big tables packed with food and exchange stories for hours. We looked forward to the day we could return home. 

Paardenberg has been our home for five generations. While it is still a fully functioning farm, we expanded so that guests can share in the beauty and simplicity that we’ve been privileged to for years. While the farm boasts an abundance of wildflowers, Bluebell is by far the scarcest of them all and was my grandmother’s favourite. We wished to honour her legacy by naming our cottages after this special flower. 

Bluebell Farm Cottages understands the two most fundamental things about life – family and nature.

We look forward to seeing you on our farm!

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